There are a few ways for you to access your bill online and it largely depends on how you are set up with Paylidify. We will detail the different ways this can work below. Also worth noting is that everyone set up with Paylidify will receive a statement in the mail on a monthly basis reflecting the billing amount of the previous month. It usually will arrive around the 5th-10th day of the month.

Along with your Paylidify welcome email, you should have also received a login to one of the following: AccessOne or Payment Insider, the portal you use will depend on which MID is assigned to your account, if you do not know your MID, need a password reset, or never received your email, please open a ticket or contact your account manager.

AccessOne: If your merchant account begins with 518 or 498, please visit

- Upon login, on the top menu, click statements

Payment Insider: If your merchant account begins with 803, please visit

- Upon login, on the navigation bar on the left, click statements