Here at Paylidify, we believe in transparency and simplicity when it comes to your rates, however If you believe you are being overcharged for our services, the first thing you can do is pull up your signed copy of the application that we used to set up your account. The signed application details every single charge that we agreed upon in the beginning, and then use that to compare to the statement that we provide you monthly. The pricing should line up exactly, as we never "raise your rates" after you have been processing with us for a while as many of our competitors do.

If however you see a discrepancy that you would like us to check out, we would be happy to review your statement for you to ensure that everything is still what we agreed upon. Please submit a ticket to the support portal and attach your statement. We will have our analysts perform a review and assist you in a plan of action to ensure that everything is being billed fairly and you fully understand your statement.