Every account we set up has varying levels of risk and that largely determines funding times for your business. For the most part, all accounts with Paylidify will be set up with next day funding by default. If you are unsure if you are set up with next day funding, please open a support ticket to find out.

If you do know your funding times and yet you still have not received a deposit from us, there could be a few things to try first.

  1.  You didn't settle your funds at the end of the day - In order for Paylidify to start processing your payments and deposit funds, we need to receive them first! Depending on your terminal/software we should be able to set you up with an automatic settlement, which will ensure you receive funds every day. If you are not set up with automatic settlement, please refer to the handbook sent with your equipment/software to find out how to manually settle funds
  2.  There is an issue with your connection - Triple check that your network or phone line is properly working using another device other than the one you are running your terminal or software on. If your connection is down, your funds will not be able to settle, and thus we will not have a deposit.
  3.  It is a weekend - Due to bank closures on the weekend and the fact that money transfers rely on banking networks, we cannot transfer funds submitted to us on Saturdays and Sundays. Please wait until monday to check your bank again to make sure your funds were deposited.
  4.  Processor outage - Although this is a rare occurrence, there is occasional instances where maintenance and security updates are running on our side and we are unable to disperse funds. If this happens we will notify you so you can prepare.

If nothing above helped you in any way, please open a ticket so we can further assist you.