At Paylidify, it is our responsibility to help all our customers become compliant. It is safer for consumers, and it is safer for business owners (and saves them money!) For Paylidify to help you become compliant, we set you up with access to a portal that allows you to complete the important steps required. 

If your merchant account number begins with 5 or 4, click the link below 

If you have any questions about compliance, please call 1-866-957-1807

If your merchant account begins with 8, click the link below

If you have any questions about compliance, please call 1-855-750-0747

1. Once you have clicked on the proper link, enter your MID (Merchant ID) & password. Your MID is provided upon account setup & your password is set by you (if you forgot your password, click forgot password and follow the instructions). If this is your first time signing in, click that option, enter your MID, and it will allow you to create a password. (Just make sure to write that password down!)

3. Go through your SAQ (self assessment questionnaire) and answer as honestly as you can, if you do not know the answer to a question, contact the above listed number that applies to your account, or work with your IT team or other IT professional to assist in completing your survey.

4. A vulnerability scan will take place (in the background of your business day) and will scan your network. Once this has happened, you will receive notification of a pass or fail. 

5. If you pass, you're all done! Stop here and you will not need to worry about compliance for another year! 

6. If you fail, this means that our vulnerability scan has detected a vulnerability in your network, and you are not PCI compliant. To resolve this, please reach out to your IT person and have them reach the above listed helpdesk phone line. This will allow your IT person to adjust your network settings so you are running a fully compliant setup.


If you are unsure which to use or have any questions, please open a ticket with support and we will guide you through getting fully compliant!