If you are reconciling and realize you have a question about a missing transaction or are unclear about a deposit total, please follow the below steps (in order), to resolve your issue.

Step 1: Find a receipt of purchase that has the following information:
- Transaction date
- Transaction amount
- Last 4 digits of the card number

Step 2: Call our transaction team, you will be prompted to enter some information, so follow the steps below:
- If your MID starts with a 5, call 1-866-597-5721

- If your MID starts with a 4, call 1-800-366-1841

- When prompted, enter your merchant ID number (MID)
- Enter your phone number
- Verify your business name
- Select option 3 for "customer service"
- Explain that you are missing a transaction and provide them the date, amount, and last 4 of card number
- The team will put you on hold and find the transaction and provide you with a resolution on the spot!

Step 3: If our transaction team is unable to find your transaction or it is past the 60 day cutoff time (but still within 90 days), please submit a picture of your receipt to us at support@paylidify.com and we will escalate to the management of our transaction team. The turnaround process for escalating transactions is about 3-5 business days, so please allow adequate time and ensure you follow step 2 first, as they are usually the fastest at getting your transaction back into your account!